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Bankcoin Reserve Index

Current Price


       Market price to 1st January 2022

The BCR Agency sets the Gold Standard for all associated Real Estate to follow 
​with its blockchain enabled mining properties that yield up to 10% per annum.

           BREAKING  FINTECH NEWS: Global FinTech Series releases positive article about Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

The Bankcoin Reserve & its Services...

The Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) was instituted to provide the Bankcoin community with security and a stable price & mechanism (gold oz price). The Bankcoin Reserve has 1M Bankcoin as a security position should any issues arise throughout the Bankcoin network. The Bankcoin Reserve is a self-regulated Reserve and complies with all national and international regulations.

Bankcoin Price: Bankcoin Reserve (BCR). Fixing levels are set per Bankcoin. The Bankcoin Reserve sets the price for Bankcoin which is globally considered as the international standard for pricing of Bankcoin. The Bankcoin price is set the 1st of every month as the highest price of 1 troy ounce of Gold and will never go below that ‘Fixed’ place and is posted on the upper right corner of this page. That price is announced as the 'Fixed' price for Bankcoin and all business is conducted on the basis of that price. We look forward to working with governments, policy makers, regulators including those in the financial sector to develop, implement, improve and strengthen the regulatory framework surrounding Bankcoin.​

Preamble This guidance paper provides an overview of the tax treatment for transactions associated with crypto-currencies, specifically bitcoin. Where other crypto-currencies have the same characteristics as bitcoin, the information in this guidance paper applies equally to the taxation treatment for other crypto-currencies. Australian Tax Office.  ATO

06-16-2020 |

Global FinTech Series releases an article on May 20, 2020 that Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is becoming the Most Safe-haven Asset of the Year. https://cutt.ly/BCR              Add BCR to your Portfolio. https://www.bankcoinreserve.com/the-ideal-portfolio.html

Pegged against the price per ounce of gold and offering annualized interest, BCR swerves away from volatile price action. Removing that aspect makes it attractive for use in back-end bank software. Replacing legacy banking software with immutable blockchain technology is a nearly foregone conclusion – with BCR positioned perfectly to capitalize. 

​Original Article by Benzinga.com
​on June 15, 2020 

3 Cryptocurrencies With Recession- Resistant Potential 
- BCR is one of them.

Tax treatment of crypto-currencies in Australia

June 15, 2020

Bankcoin Cap & Supply 

All 100M Bankcoin were mined in 10 days, 14th May 2014 to 24th May 2014. Therefore, 100M Bankcoin are now in the marketplace, however major stakeholders have advised the BCR they will be using their Bankcoin purely for mining purposes. What this means is there will be a limited number of Bankcoin actually in the marketplace to acquire, and this may be expected to diminish over time as more and more investors acquire Bankcoin for the specific purpose to mine which eventually exceeds also their transaction fees.
Bankcoin is a POS coin meaning it can mine the transaction fees throughout the network. The developer has stated it will produce up to 10% per annum. This process is commonly known as “Mining”.​

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Financial Institutions, Brokers & Venture Capital

Latest News:

In the Order, the CFTC for the first time finds that Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are properly defined as commodities.

The designated price of Bankcoin is linked directly to the price of 1oz of gold, as this is a pricing mechanism. Bankcoin is a primary medium and is not backed by any other asset. Those creating financial instruments with Bankcoin may need to be physically backed and subject to applicable laws and regulations.

Bankcoin has many global advantages which gives it its own intrinsic store of value.