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Bankcoin Reserve Index

Current Price


      Market price to 1st November 2021

The BCR Agency sets the Gold Standard for all associated Real Estate to follow 
​with its blockchain enabled mining properties that yield up to 10% per annum.

At this point in time the price will be set 1st of each month to give those entering the market time to adjust and also those that are trading Bankcoin certainty and build confidence over the following month period.

Banks and financial institutions now have a viable way to enter the crypto currency market. A simple name: Bankcoin which in no way implies that it is from or a bank. It's a crypto currency coin just like Bitcoin. A cap of 100M which mines at a rate of up to 10% p.a. Decentralised master nodes which you can setup yourself which assists in network transaction speed and continuity.

​Bankcoin is priced at a fixed rate and is now considered by those who use it as a store of value. It may be used for example as security, to create financial instruments and even back other instruments, as we are of the opinion that it has the same if not more intrinsic value as 1 oz of gold. Possible benefits include ease of use, storage, speed of transaction both ways, term deposits, Bankcoin accounts and much more.

There is no catch when we say "A community that shares its wealth" we mean it and will act upon it to prove it. The genius from the Bitcoin developers, to the wallet developers, to the exchange developers, this would have to be the most talented space in history. Everywhere we turn someone somewhere is doing something incredible in the crypto space: ATM's, POS, QR's, mobile phone apps, you name it there is someone talented out there creating it. This is just amazing and we are grateful to be a part of this space, much respect goes out to all those involved in its creation and growth. Be creative, come up with new products and services that include Bankcoin in this space and we will support you. 

We here at Bankcoin fully support KYC, AML and other regulations as good business practices that give you the ability to form genuine relationships with your clients which is what this space is all about creating: educating and engaging with communities.

The Reserve will also endeavor to support Bitcoin lobby groups, advocacy groups, developers, forums, non profits, NGO's so that we can provide some balance using Bankcoin within the social, economic and environmental arena.

Personal note:

Thank you to the Bitcoin team who did what everyone said they couldn't. Thank you to the developers of the wallets, exchanges, mining pools and forums people who never get a mention. To the ATM and point of sale teams going around the world and educating governments, regulators and the broader community, thank you. To all those that believe, as I do, in Bitcoin and crypto currency and how important a part it is playing in today's global environment, thank you.

We have some truly gifted and talented people in this space who work for thousands of hours and receive no thanks, well I am here to say Thank you for doing what you do, it is appreciated. My children and grandchildren will be using it thanks to you all.


Gary McAlister


Bankcoin Reserve.