Bankcoin Reserve Index

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       Market price to 1st January 2022

The BCR Agency sets the Gold Standard for all associated Real Estate to follow 
​with its blockchain enabled mining properties that yield up to 10% per annum.

As Bankcoin is introduced into the consumer marketplace, several strategic decisions have been taken to: 

  • Improve the level of awareness about the existence of this crypto stablecoin.
  • Differentiate it from other crypto tokens or currencies that are using a similar name.
  • Create a unique new brand that can be marketed successfully with great recall values.

From today’s date on - June 15th, 2019 - the directors of ROYAL BANK OF WALES LIMITED agree to use the suggested new terminology for Bankcoin and Bankcoin Reserve in order to benefit the successful introduction and adoption of Bankcoin into the consumer market: 

• The Coin - formerly “Bankcoin” - shall be called from now on with its official new name “Bankcoin Reserve”, or short BCR,

• The Organization – formerly “Bankcoin Reserve” – shall be called from now on with its official new name “Bankcoin Reserve Agency”, or short BCR-A,

• The monthly price index that pegs the price of one BCR to the highest price of one troy ounce of Gold shall be called from now on the “BCR Index” or short BCR-I.


New Design of the

Bankcoin Reserve Coin

Rebranding of names and new definitions

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