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      Market price to 1st October 2021

The BCR Agency sets the Gold Standard for all associated Real Estate to follow 
​with its blockchain enabled mining properties that yield up to 10% per annum.

Bankcoin Authority

Bankcoin via RBW

Bankcoin Reserve's Proof of Stake was established by

providing 9 separate algorithm patents, within a non-peer-to-peer

base product.  Bankcoin focused its efforts on governmental and institutional markets as a hedge against unstable market trends. Bolstered by its patents, Bankcoin became one of the first “Stable Coin” products.  This was foreseen early on by Bankcoin's founder and developer as a necessity for future digital coin market movement to provide a stable environment in attracting long-term investment for government, financial institutions, and eventual consumer-based markets.

Royal Bank of Wales is the official transactional provider for all Bankcoin products. Royal Bank of Wales provides the means to buy/sell and conduct merchant transactions utilizing the Bankcoin Reserve platform. 

Royal Bank of Wales in management of Bankcoin products is developing a platform for expansion from primary government and institutional marketplace use to include a consumer-focused application for use by all Bankcoin Reserve products and clientelle.

Bankcoin via RBW

​Information: 2015 - 2020

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